Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday gift for you!

First, I want to apologize for not posting in quite a while... I hope all of you are well and that you had a good year or at least learned some good lessons you can take with you into 2013...
As many of you may remember I like to give a little gift at the end of the year just to say thank you for choosing to spend some of your time here with me on the blog and for the many interesting emails and comments you share :)
A number of people mentioned they would love to have the card templates I made and I'm happy to oblige!

Since the holidays are here, I made a few special cards just for you!
It's my way of saying thank you for your support :) ( so if you haven't done so yet - enter your name and email address in the "Subscribe now!" field (top right))
The cards are 5x7 at 300 ppi (created using Photo Shop CS - any recent PS version can handle it).
There are a few templates and a background paper in each set to create single, double or even triple fold cards!
They are composed of a few layers that give you a lot of flexibility in customizing them to your specific needs - flip them around, add "Happy Holiday", "Mazal Tov", "We Love Grandma" or anything else you fancy, re-size them and play around - but the most important thing is to insert pictures into the frame and put them to good use!
To use them as is( in Photo Shop), just drop an image into the empty layer, re-size it as needed and print or email.
The cards are yours to keep, use them, share them and sell them to your clients with your/their images :)
The only thing I ask that you avoid is resell them as blank templates due to artist rights.
So go ahead, enjoy your cards and let me know how you liked them :)
(Click image for larger view/click on set_number to download a zipped bundle/save as )

Set#1  set_1

Set#2  set_2

Set#3  set_3

Set#4  set_4

Set#5  set_5

Set#6  set_6

(Photos are not included and are for demo purposes only@vered koshlano)

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