Sunday, August 9, 2009

Easy look change

I recently had a chance to work with two talented women for the first time - make up artist Josephine P & model Julia S. we were planning a simple beauty test that should be easy, fun & not take too long to accomplish.

I asked Josephine to do a "clean" look for the first set & she gave Julia a beautiful glow while keeping the make up looking fresh & barely noticeable (harder to do then you may think).

Julia has long, healthy hair but I wanted a simple look & didn't want the hair to take attention away from her beautiful features. After I was happy with the clean look I tried wrapping the ponytail around Julia's neck which did for a sophisticated feel :)

For the following photos very little was changed - Josephine added a bit of eye shadow around Julia's eyes to give them a subtle "smoky" look & we let the hair loose & sprayed it with water.

I got rid of the under fill reflector & moved my 3 ft Octodome from an over head position to camera left. I also swapped the white background paper for a gray one.

Julia, being a pro, knew what to do to give that wild beauty feel I was looking for!

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