Friday, September 10, 2010

Canon Expo 2010

I had the wonderful opportunity to be part of the Canon Expo, an event that takes place once every five years in which Canon sets up a glamorous display of all its new & futuristic technology.

I was totally impressed by the new 4K & 8K cameras that were shown (as prototype) & it seems that the future of still & video photography may in the future be joining together into one splendid way of capturing our vision.

My part this time was to produce & orchestrate a fashion show that went on all day/ every day of the 3 days of the show, I had put together an incredible team of models & artists (see credit below) with great energy & talent! every one of them is responsible for the fashion show being a great success - thank you guys!

I was also contracted to do a photo shoot that will provide content for a bound book to be printed at the show by a very large & impressive machine that can print books on demand(!).

Later it was decided a bunch of those images where to be enlarged (& I mean big!) & printed to decorate the design studio space at the show.

I did all the pre-press & file handling & learned one important thing - files from the Canon 5DII can be blown up extremely big, extremely well!!!

I didn't think they would hold up the way they did so beautifully - even when I stood right on top of the print (some were 12' H & some 20' H, at 200 PPI!) :)
It was a very pleasant realization.

We also had a "studio" section where two great photographers were shooting a fashion/beauty oriented live demo, they both produced stunning images all day long.

Here are just two out of many striking photos taken by one of them, an amazing photographer & artist Michel Tcherevkoff, make sure you check out his inspiring body of work :)

Michel Tcherevkoff

model-Catherine Frances Scott

It was great to see a lot of you there, feel free to let me know what are some of the things you liked best about the show :)

Here are two links, one for a few shots from the fashion show & another so you can see how big the BIG posters were:


fashion show
Close up photos by Benjamin Hayon

Make up: Amy Park, ChiChi Saito, Jiyeon Kim
Hair: Naoko Suzuki, Griselle Rosario, Mayumi Maeda
Styling: Aris Tapia
Models:Naoumie, Ulla, Kashmir, Stephanie, Lorenzo & Jon.
Gorgeous dresses by: Jovani

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