Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Light Setup part II

This is the second part of the shoot, as you remember we had a 3 light setup plus a reflector to illuminate our model, the background was white seamless paper.
There is a lot of versatility in using a "plain" white background, you can gel it with colors, underexpose it to get a gray background or even black if you move the model far enough away. With that said, a trip to a local fabric store produced an interesting piece of material, I liked the elegant print & the gold/black tones - it cost about $20 :)

First I just added the fabric as the new background, since the model was seated I didn't care that it wasn't reaching the floor - if I wanted to do a longer form I would have hung it vertically & had the model very close to it.

The light setup stayed the same.

I love the regal feel this new background gives to the photo!

Then I decided to spice things up - I moved the main light away & replaced it with the two strip lights I had pointed at the background before, I used a single flash head with grid to spot the background right behind the model, you can see it in the picture below, at the low right corner.

If you compare the two light patterns on the model's face you can see that both produce a nice effect - the first one is a little more "glowing" & has a slight highlight on the model's forehead compared with the more even & a bit flat look of the second - both work well.

The prop on her head is actually a girl's Tutu skirt I found in a costume store, another $20 well spent! so you don't need a big budget to have fun and get great images, just be creative and the most important thing - just do it! lol!

Here is a little video of behind the scenes:

Behind the scenes

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