Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Igus DIY camera slider project - part I

I finally got the main component for my DIY camera slider project! (actually shipped pretty fast).

As you can see it came pre-scored with 3 threaded holes (one in the center, two on each side) and the carriage is also scored and threaded (all 3/8th)- I requested that specifically & paid a bit extra - if you have a machine shop or know someone that does, you can save about $40 & do it yourself.

The next step is a visit to the local Home Depot - I'm not sure what I'm looking for so I'll have to just browse around & think creative thought...I want to put "stops" on the ends of the rail to prevent the carriage from sliding off of it (especially with my camera on it) and also some kind of a low profile leg on either side to hoist it an inch or so off the ground.
You can check out Igus products here:Igus DryLin line

To be continued...


  1. Vered

    You might consider a tripod as your base and support. That way your rail will be sturdy in all directions.
    That's #1.
    Second. If you support the rail on a sturdy tripod "head" then your camera movement will not be restricted to right and left. You could move at various "slopes" as well. Rob

  2. Oh I totally intend to do that, I know exactly what you mean & you are right :)
    But first I want to complete the build of this thing. I also ordered a fluid head to sit on top of the slider so I will have both options (with & W/O tripod)to have a 4 way camera movement - maybe even up & down! will show you the parts as soon as they come - so excited! have you used a slider before? - this is my first...blushing...

  3. That's slick! Great solution, and the price seems right to. Thanks for sharing.

  4. can't wait to see what you produce with this vered i have a couple of videos but i have no slider yet just the glidecam. you will have so much fun doing video trust me

  5. Just got a fluid head - I intend to put on the slider, will post it soon :)

  6. This was such a tease! I'm definitely looking to get a slider and I need to make a purchase within the next 60 days so I'll be waiting for your tests. And I'm very interested in the noise level.

  7. @Whistlerrr - I'm posting the first "test soon", both the good & the bad...

  8. Need to shoot the test again, let me just say you get what you pay for,I don't mean it in a bad way, it slides just fine but no bells & whistles...