Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Camera stabilizer - first look

This is the Hague DMC Camera stabilizer, after looking at what's available in the area of Camera Stabilizers I decided to go with this one, it's supposed to be a great product for the money (about$250 w/shipping). (another one is the Merlin for about $800...)

When looking online for people's reviews on other stabilizers there was a mix notion of opinions, seems like everyone has their own favorite and there were arguments (online threads) about which is the better one (almost like Mac vs. PC, lol!)

Since I have zero experience with this gear I can only evaluate weather I like it or not and if I feel it's doing a good job at the task it's suppose to fill.

It shipps from England so before I ordered it I called the company (at 4am Est) to make sure it's legit - they were very nice on the phone, offered some input and useful online links and said to call back anytime if I have more questions.

So here is a first look at what's in the box and a quick try at stabilizing a Canon 5D2...(3 segment video).

Hague DMC Camera stabilizer - first look from vered koshlano on Vimeo.


  1. That looks like it'll work pretty well and not break the bank. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'll try to do a quick test before I go on vacation, there is so much stuff I need to do - where can I buy a few more hours for each day?

  3. Looks excellent! Once you've spent all that time stabilizing you'll probably mark up the weights and positions (with paint or a marker) for quick set up next time. I've used stabilizers like this before and usually had no luck but this one looks pretty decent. And I'm surprised at the quick shipping. Great info Vered, thank you!

  4. I put a tape marker! see I have good instincts, lol! I'm taking it to work with me & will try to do a quick run around :)

  5. If possible would love to see video from the stabilizer as well as of you using it.

  6. I took some footage on Mon but had truble converting the 5D2 files in Vegas 8, Vegas 10 does a beautiful job & I have the upgrade but haven't installed it yet - building a new super computer!
    As soon as I get back from vacation I'll do more tests :)