Friday, March 18, 2011

Dress for Success

We all know that what we look like effects the way other people perceive who we are.

I am fortunate to be able to attend most of the major photography trade shows (usually as part of the Canon gang), and one of the perks of doing so is the ability to pick up gear and software for up to 50% of the regular cost - I do take advantage of that a lot, lol!

When attending Photo Plus (NYC) last Oct, I picked up a photography vest from LowePro.

What struck me the most about this vest was it's size and also the "no nonsense" pro look; as you know by now, I'm not a big burly when I'm on the job it's important for me to give the client the security of knowing he/she has hired a pro.

One of the things we can use to impart a specific impression is the way we dress, that is why different professions have uniform, think about it, would you like your MD to show up with a pair of baggy jeans & a shabby T shirt? (before you know he is a brilliant surgeon)...
We also move and carry ourselves differently in a business suit then we do in flannel pajamas...

So when I put on that black vest I felt like I was ready to take on the toughest assignment and no one would think twice about giving it to me!
It was amusing to see the looks I received as I was walking through the trade show floor and the comments I got from random people were very congruent with what I expected.

So although the vest itself is very functional, versatile - (you can connect a bunch of accessories on to it for different purposes) and well built, I admit that the reason I wear it is because it has the look I want.

I'm sure you have felt this way about something at least once in your life :) ...

You can check out Derrick's blog here for more cool stuff!


  1. Vered
    Chag Sameach.
    I thought the blog and your interview (video) was pretty cool. You actually make sense.

  2. I agree with Robert, the vest looks cool. Although, when I'm doing street photography, I prefer to blend in. :-)

  3. Thanks guys! I'm glad you were able to get what I was trying to say - it's not that I don't think I'm good enough, I DO know how I want to come across in various situations.
    -Puggle, I agree with you a 100%, I'm not exactly camouflaged when I'm wearing that vest, lol!

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  5. Just got back from an event in where this would have came in perfect. Looks awesome I was looking at this at the Photo Plus as well I should have pick it up. grrrr to bad I didn't know you back then would have been fun to run around the expo with ya. I had a lot of fun there and can't wait for the next one.. this vest is something im going to look into cause I hate going back to my bag so much for different lens and cards/batteries/ omin bounce and the switching becomes annoying. Good find it does make you look pro in a blink of an eye

  6. Much better then the "fisherman" green!
    You can customize it in many ways by adding the special pouches for lenses & other gear, the price is fair & you only get what you really need.

  7. I have two vests so I can still use one while the other is in the wash. They have helped me many times but I wasn't as concerned with fashion when I got them.

  8. It's not really about fashion...more about dressing "appropriatly" for an occation, like wearing a gown to a red carpet event or tights to a yoga class... :)

  9. Hi there! I came across your video while trying to do some research on this vest. You mention it's a good fit, and that you're "not a big burly girl". Lowepro states the S/M chest size is 42"-50" and that worries me, because I'm about 38" (I'm a small guy!). Do you think it would fit a person of my size without me looking like I'm wearing my dad's clothes?

  10. Sean, I'm 5'5" tall & am 34/24/34 (I know, I'm perfect, lol!)you can see how the vest fits in the video - I did adjust the tab on the back of it though to have a snug fit (you might want it to look a bit looser.
    Not sure where you are from but if you have access to a photo store who might carry it, the best bet is to try it on & see if you like the fit :)- in NYC, try BH photo.
    Let me know what happens!

  11. Another option is to go to a camping gear/fishing/sports store & look at fishing vests, I got a "child" vest that fits ok but I prefer the black to the safari color...unless I was planning to go on safari ;)
    If I find the video of me wearing it I'll put it up.

  12. A friend of mind has this vest, here is a link, they have a size chart :)

  13. Thanks Vered! I live in Toronto, but none of the pro stores actually stock the vest, and none of them will special order it unless I'm definitely buying it )-;

    I've actually had contact with Lowepro about the vest, and I might have given them the idea to make an XS version for the 36"- 42" sized photographers, since there are enough of us out there...

  14. Absolutely true - I told one of the reps (at a photo show) that if they made "women sizes" they will have lots of happy, paying customers (I get a lot of attention from women about this vest) but many of my photographer guy friends are close to my size so it's not about gender :)(although, from a marketing point, there is a lot that can be done to customize it, gender based, & make more sales ;)) Maybe we should pick up the glove & start offering great photo vests!

  15. You're so right about companies needing to make women-specific gear. R-Strap has done that:

    But yeah, too often is gear made for heavy-set men. Never feels good to be marginalized.