Monday, July 11, 2011

Hague Camera Stabilizer

If you remember, a while ago I got a great little (relatively speaking "little") camera stabilizer from Hague.
I used it a few times indoors so I decided to take it out for a walk :)

I'm using the Canon 5D mark2 with a 16-35mm f2.8 wide angle lens, I usually shoot in a studio using longer focal length lenses so it was a great opportunity to play with a different type of lens.

When you look at the footage you will notice the 16mm end of the lens gives a good sense of the location BUT pay attention to the cars on camera right, they get "stretched" near the outer edge of the lens...the 35mm end gives a more natural view but you loose some location on both sides of the camera.

I would use the wider angle on non moving shots and a more normal view angle while following a subject or moving the camera around.
Longer focal lengths also contribute to a sense of intimacy.
There is no "better" focal length, use the lens that will best tell the story :)

I also "walked" the camera using the iDC video rig &...hand held...

YouTube compression makes the footage a bit choppy, for a smoother video you can watch it on Vimeo

Here is a side by side view so you can get the feel for it a little better :)

Another one - walking vs running

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