Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kata Bag and Tascam recorder combo

This is a combination of a sound recorder test Tascam DR-100 and a quick review of one of my new bags - the Kata Bug-205 PL camera bag.

I got the Tascam DR-100 recorder a little while ago but didn't get a chance to use it, also, to be honest, since I have zero experience doing anything sound relating (photographers rarely need to be concern with capturing sound...) I was a bit intimidated by the sophisticated pro look and feel of the unit.

But I took the good advice from Nike - Just do it! and decided to run a little test.

I shot footage of my new Kata bag using the Canon Vixia HFS11, but did not record sound (didn't speak), then in post, I watched the footage on my computer (using Premiere Pro 5.5) and recorded voice over into the Tascam using a Sony wireless lavalier mic plugged into one of the xlr inputs at the bottom of the unit.

Then, I imported the sound track into Premiere and duplicated it to have both right and left channels going.

To my surprise, it was pretty simple to figure out. The controls are very easy to locate/understand/adjust, the menu is uncomplicated and I was recording in no time :)

The result is before you:

I need to use the Tascam more to get to know it better (lots of features and options) but after the first try I am no longer scared of the sleek black box :)

As far as the bag, Kata makes exceptionally great photo and video bags. At first glance it seemed like another good quality photo bag but after I was able to fit EVERYTHING I would need to take with me on a photo-shoot (notice I didn't say everything I WANT to take on a photo shoot, that would involve several big bags and an assistant, lol!) I treat it as my go to (go with?) bag!
The accessory trolley makes for a perfect companion :)

Kata also makes a variety of accessories and carrying bags, check out this page to see how you can find the best match for you pick your bag


  1. awesome Hey vered I will be starting an internet tv show soon and it will be about what I do at the events and interviews etc we will have a small tech and new gear section I would be aweseome to have you join us lets talk the bag looks awesome. tty soon ^__^