Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Let your stills inspire your movies..

If you are a still photographer and have been considering the possibility of shooting moving images with your DSLR (as long as it can do it) but not quite sure of where to start, take a look.

The first step of making a movie, even an itsy bitsy one is NOT what gear you buy or what software you need to learn.

The first step is getting inspired by an idea...when you have an idea for a story that grabs you by the heart you will find that the rest (gear, software, etc) will naturally fall in to place at the right time.

Canon ran a promotional photo contest that received almost 100,000 submissions!
The goal was to inspire a short movie; there were 8 categories representing the different elements of building a good story: Setting, Time, Character, Mood, Relationship, Goal, Obstacle, and The Unknown.

The winning photo from each category went into the group of final eight, randomly put together images that are now the backbone of a movie...the screenwriter had to spin the plot around the images he was given...

The result was a wonderful, touching, inspiring short film, directed by Bryce Dallas Howard (Ron Howard's daughter). It just worked. (I watched the entire thing on a big movie screen and the quality was fantastic).

What if you looked at your still photos and saw a story there? where could your imagination take you? you might be surprised... :)

As a fun exercise, without committing to actually making a movie, take a look at your photos and allow yourself to be captivated by the stories they could inspire...maybe even jot down a mini's possible you will have fun :)

Here is the trailer to the Canon movie project, explore the site for yourself, watch the behind the scenes, the "making of", there are a bunch of little gems :)

Project imagination

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