Saturday, September 25, 2010

Macro workshop

Last week I was invited to work an event presented by Canon and hosted at the Adorama learning facility in NYC.

The theme was Macro Photography and so we set up seven station around the room with different items and situations that land themselves as cool Macro photography subjects.

Every station was equipped with Canon's latest Macro lenses, flashes and various camera bodies, attendees could mount the lenses on their own Canon cameras or use the ones provided.

After a short & enlightening PowerPoint presentation given by the incredibly knowledgeable Rudy Winston, a long time Canon educator, the students divided into seven groups & started experimenting with the different lighting & subject combinations, moving from one to another until they had a chance to try out all seven.
Even though none was particularly experienced in Macro photography I was thrilled to see the beautiful images they easily produced by just having a keen eye, great gear and access to an environment where they could spend time experimenting! (or we must be great instructors!)

Here are a few photos taken by Laura Meyers

Check out Adorama learning Center as well as Adorama TV - lot's of easy to follow equipment reviews, awesome tips and "how to" videos.
Adorama Learning Center
Adorama TV

Come play with us at the next workshop!

Workshop was taught by Rudy Winston, Rick Berk and myself :)

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