Sunday, October 10, 2010

Canon 5D mark II

If you read the post about the Canon Expo 2010, you know I had the wonderful opportunity to contribute to this show(an event that takes place once every five years in which Canon sets up a glamorous display of all its new & futuristic technology).

I was contracted to do a photo shoot that will provide content for a bound book to be printed at the show by a very large & impressive machine that can print books on demand(!).

Later it was decided a bunch of those images were to be enlarged (& I mean big!) & printed to decorate the design studio space at the show.

I did all the pre-press & file handling & learned one important thing - files from the Canon 5DII can be blown up extremely big, extremely well!!!

I didn't think they would hold up the way they did so beautifully - even when I stood right on top of the print (some were 12' H & some 20' H, at 200 PPI!) It was a very pleasant realization.

The 5D mark II also captures wonderful videos in full HD & since it's recording to a full size, 35mm CMOS, you get that gorgeous "Cinema" look & feel.
Check out a test I did in the studio:Hennessey

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  1. Wow, i didn't think you could go this big off of a 21MP file!
    Great job!