Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Get Creative!

Some of you may remember the cute cards I made for the holiday season just before XMS. I want to share with you just how easy and simple it is to build a base with almost infinite possibilities of different cards that you can use any time, for any occasion with family, friends and clients.

to see the cards click here

I think most of you are familiar with an excellent company called OnOne software, to create the cards I used one of their products called PhotoFrame 4.6

Photoframe transformed from offering decorative ways to frame your prints and art work using computer software to a valuable design tool any photographer and digital artist should have.

Here are a few screen captures of the frame library, there are TONES of styles to chose from, they are customizable in all direction, you can layer them to create an infinite number of different looks to tailor to any event or individual you want.

Change the color, shape and opacity or simply use as is - it's up to you, make one quickly or take your time creating a unique masterpiece (that you can save for multiple uses in the future) all of which you do in real time on an image you select (can be done with blank canvas as well).

In addition to frames, there are also lots of textures you can use as background or design elements in your work:

In Photo Shop, you can add even more components (like I did with my cards) and truly enjoy the freedom that comes with no limitations; also, since it's vector based, you can make big prints easily :)

To see what I mean go to PhotoFrame 4.6 and download the free trial, take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the application (see the online demo) and start playing :)

I highly recommend the bundle, it includes all of OnOne products in an amazingly affordable price, a well worth investment.

Would love to see what you did so feel free to share it with me here :)

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