Monday, February 7, 2011

Stabilizer first test

I'm back after a long vacation & some work related travel, not complaining but it's good to be home :)

Right before I left I had a great time working at Adorama camera store as a Canon rep , doing the Canon end of year sales event (great deals!) & I brought my little Hague DMC Camera stabilizer along. It got a bunch of attention, especially with a 5D mounted on top of it.(Canon 5DII + 28 f2.8 )

After spending some time (...) balancing the thing I took it for a quickie test drive inside the store.

Need to remember - this is the FIRST time I ever did this, I was randomly walking about & whipping the camera/stabilizer around with no specific plan or caution just to see what happens...

What I learned - need to practice "steady cam walk" - I saw how pros do it & they look like a cat stalking a bird :)

Need to learn to stabilize the thing better to avoid that side to side swag you might notice in the clip (especially when coming out of a turn).
Also, turning to fast makes you dizzy :)...

As a side note, I recently got a killer laptop, the Asus G73JW-A1 (read the specs if you want to experience laptop envy ;) ) & installed Sony Vegas pro10. The point was to have a dedicated computer for video editing (& photo processing) that is also portable (don't start w/the Mac thing please)- I haven't had a chance to work with it much yet but the little I did do is pretty sweet :)


  1. Hey glad to have you back with us. im happy to see you making videos again. congrats on the laptop lord knows im in need of one myself haaha the video came out alright i guess you will get the hang of it of course this being your first time out with it. you def need to take a look at my glidecam it seems to produce a more fluid feel then this one but its ok you get better

  2. Glidecam, you are on! I'll be back from Vegas (WPPI)on the 25th so March is play month!

  3. Hey! Thanks for the demo! I definitely need to look into this!

    Also good to have you back!!!