Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Video Vest Addendum

I had a bunch of you email me regarding photo vests, it seems to be very tricky to find a good vest that's not is another sample of a fishing vest I got from a hiking store in Manhattan, it's a "small" but was too big for me so I pinned it in the back (got it for an episode of a learning DVD I did together with Rick Sammon where he "teaches" me how to use the Canon Rebel :) )

If you have any suggestions, good ideas or comments that would help other readers find the perfect vest please share it with us here!

To see the previous post with the LowPro vest, simply scroll down or click here:
LowPro photo vest


  1. I have a photography vest from Walkabout and I love it. And I notice they have all sizes including small and extra small.

    The pockets have made my life easier. I wish I could wear it every day but people will think I'm on safari. =)

  2. Thanks Patrick :) I will check it out!

  3. Hey Vered.

    You should check out this company. I think they make snappy looking vests.. all the function without the "gone fishin'" look!

  4. LOL! thanks Alex, will definitely check it out :)